Showcase // Julia Kannewischer

From the 11/01/2022

until the 18/01/2022


PROJECT EPHEMERIS is a continuously growing body of work consisting of daily poetry +videoperformance (based on improvisation) by the artist Julia Kannewischer.
In her work Julia pursues to embody and capture the humanness inherent in all of us. This work is an invitation to come home to the self and find connection there.

To reflect, evolve, be. To come together and understand that through the connection to ourselves, we connect to each other and our environment.
Julia sees art as a form of energetic work, which has the power to shift frequency (of thought, emotion, state of being).What started as a practice of being creative every day in January 2019 has grown into Julia’s main artistic work, which is reaching an expanding audience on several platforms.

PROJECT EPHEMERIS is mostly living online, it has however been presented as an installation a couple of times and since only very recently some impressions of individual works are available as prints on demand.

instagram: @juliakannewischer

Q4_2021_Showcase_Julia Kannewischer_01