Natsuki Oshiro


Natsuki Oshiro’s work focuses on poems and traditional gardens to replace social symbols with literary perspectives by using her original pattern. As the same moon can contain several meanings by reading past poems, she believes that historic literary perspectives can be a window to make the monotony of the urban landscape a richer experience.

In Japanese gardens, famous scenic spots are represented in a quite simple abstract way. The viewer can recognize it because of using same form. As they are not representational, they contain the possibility of expansion of the imaginary.

In her work, she first creates a pattern that symbolizes the subject, and then abstract “the movement of space in a poem” or “the structure of a garden”. By repeating the same motifs, they become formalized. However, the form of the work changes little by little. One work contains another. The works dynamically “continue to be formalized” by being related to each other.

GlogauAIR Project
CV Summary

Music and Performance / Toshihiro Yanai (

Director and Animation / Natsuki Oshiro

Cinematographer, photo and Title/ Koichi Nishiyama (

Special Thanks / O JUN / NADiff a/p/a/r/t

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