Matilda Marina


Matilda Marina is a director and producer who has been creating multidisciplinary projects at the intersection of different arts in the stage space in Ukraine and different parts of Europe.

Founder of “33 Hypnotheatre & Technocircus’  artistic company that works with modern performing arts, experimenting and combining them with original, mainly electronic music, media art, films, design, visual arts and aims to achieve a synthesis of various fruits of creative thought.

The uniqueness of this project is given by a non-standard vision in narrative and aesthetic work with a modern circus as well as activities in the direction of physical theatre.

Throughout the last eight years Matilda Marina was a creatress of such projects: Physical theatre & poetry “DVOE” 2015, contemporary circus show “Forest of Yin” 2017, Opera “Foggy Lagoon” 2019. 

At the beginning of  2020, Matilda started a long focused on the scientific way of Fritjof Capra. At the moment she work on the development of a short experimental movie Autopoiesis and a project that connects three cities Kyiv Poznan and Berlin. 

Through the synthesis of genres and forms, facts and fantasy fiction Matilda discover connections of science and the subconscious process:

 “I am interested to work with improvised and choreographed movement, connection and the juxtaposition between body and space, ensemble work, and soundscape construction.


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