Alexandra Slava


Alexendra Slava’s main interest lies in using the figure as a vehicle for exploring, discovering, and ultimately conveying the different aspects of human condition. All of her work emerges from a place of constant introspection. However, her eyes often grow restless, and she directs them outward looking for the visual embodiment of all that comes from within.

Slava has always enjoyed the physical act of sculpture-making. As a sculptor, she is not limited by the boundaries of a frame. It is her unique challenge and opportunity to fill and transform space, constructing a bridge between the world of ideas and reality. Yet, no matter how clear the concept of a given work may be, its true form and meaning can only be revealed by way of deliberate and meticulous manipulation of the material. And so, she is deeply committed to the careful observation required to translate nature into a universal and transcendent artistic form.

It is believed that what is most personal is also most universal. So, in order to try and achieve an honest portrayal of our existence, Slava finds it necessary to first engage with her own private experiences. In this way, each new piece becomes another chapter in her memoir and an open display of honesty for herself and the viewer. This often-tenuous but remarkably gratifying relationship between conceptual ideas, her work, and those who respond to it, is why she devotes so much of herself to the practice of visual expression.

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