Rachel Goodwin

United States

We are consumed by an overwhelming vastness of objects and products within the contemporary world. Adverts for new clothing, decor and countless other goods are inescapable in our ever changing purchasing climate, demanding endless participation. Considering our constant inundation with low priced fashion trends and alluring interior design showrooms, I’m convinced that priority is given to vanity and societal expectations.

The vicious cycle and societal pressures to participate in this phenomenological cultural exchange seem insurmountable. Facades of pristinely considered attire make up for lack of genuineness. Perfectly placed pillows and wallpaper take priority over authenticity. Experience is replaced with expense. Presentation is everything. Personification is given to inanimate objects that surround our walls and fill our closets, yet empty our pockets. But are we fulfilled?

BAGGAGE is a one of a kind retail store to be navigated throughout. It examines the display of objects and their greater intrinsic meaning within today’s consumer culture. Ordinary objects become elevated by mass production and positioning within a familiarly designed space. Ultimately, consumers are offered the opportunity to confront their purchasing patterns, pondering what their requirements for ownership might be.

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