Rita Palma


My work has been evolving around the idea of perception of our own identity and its fragility. It often seems possible to trace the thoughts and actions of an individual and connect them to external sources like their culture, the way society has made them and their genetics and instincts. While representing the human figures (through oil painting or through photography) I exclude any context in an attempt to express the uncomfortable moment of confrontation with the emptiness of the self. But although I see myself as corrupted by society, I also came to realize I’m also corrupted by my own animal desires. Underlying my artistic work, there’s a process of research that goes back and forth between the sphere of values and context (from external sources) and the sphere of desires and instincts (from genetics).
I am society and society is myself. Each individual bounces between the polarity of victim and aggressor of society.
Individually humans are fragile. Without the others we are nobody.
Even our own definition of “I” presupposes the existence of “others”.
If the human being is the result of its context and instincts, all its actions can be justified
and predicted. The human is an inoffensive animal. It’s almost comical how fragile it becomes.

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