Naomi Hamaguchi


I’ve been making my sculpture pieces based on the relationships between universal interest which comes from human instinct as an animal and the five senses. Each five senses don’t function independently. They are connected and compensated each other.
For example, my life work installation ‘ soundscape’ lasted for more than 10 years, is a project to cross an acoustic sense with a visual sense. “ To listen” is functioned not only with acoustic sense but also with visual sense. Because to listen to the music from sound speaker system and to listen from a headphone are completely different experience. From this I could say we use visual sense when we listen something. I don’t dare to put any scientific analysis into my works. It is my policy, I put most importance to the matter which comes from my intuition, so that when I do my installation piece I don’t make any elaborate plan beforehand. I do it extemporaneously, like an improvisation.
For all of my pieces, I work using my hands. For me, the art piece should have certain “smell” of the artist. To do this, I have to get into the materials, and spend a lot of time with them until I can manipulate. This is most important thing for me to create the works.
The materials that I use are various. Almost all the time I change the materials. Sometimes I get the idea from the materials itself.
I will continue to create works using my instinct and intuition only 3 dimension or more expressions are capable of.

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