LO-renzo approach is about territory, its boundaries and its resulting potential conflicts. He is making what he calls zoning on landscape as long as on art history, meaning boundaries each time showing the annexation of an existing territory. By annexation, he changes the initial function or signification of this territory and he distorts and take advantge of it. Then he starts a conflict with its owner, sometimes nature, sometimes art history (in which he breaks and enters).

This appropriation is not without consequence. If he stops working, mowing, digging or cleaning, nature reasserts herself at once. Likewise if after following on from an artist or an artwork he stops making the statement fo his difference and his own identity, the he takes the risk to be gradually solved int he father’s path he has just annexed. When he takes possession of a piece of nature or culture, he knows doing that this annexation commits him in a fight without an end in order to keep possession of this territory.

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