Lisa Bell Weisdorf


Lisa Bell Weisdorf is a multidisciplinary artist working in digital media, video, sculpture, and installation. Driven by a desire to both understand and shape her historical conditions, her conceptually-grounded, research-driven practice endeavors to triangulate the relationship between the virtual, physical, and social fields.

Using an analytical approach informed by her educational background studying media theory, as well as her professional experience working as an archival researcher for documentary cinema, she employs formal tactics of appropriation and détournement in order to tease out the repressed inconsistencies of myriad cyber-cultural apparatuses and representational systems.

Particularly concerned with issues of gender, beauty, and the disciplining of feminine excess, her art interrogates the ways in which contemporary technology dispossesses, structures, and (re)produces our experience as subjects, and asks what it means to be an artist in a post-optic regime.

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