Saida Alkhulaifi


Saida Alkhulaifi is a multidisciplinary artist and curator. Alkhulaifi obtained her MA degree in museums and gallery practice from University College of London and is currently working in the contemporary art field in Qatar. Her works explore themes of identity, society norms and time. Her artistic approach is a mix of analogue photography, experimental developing and printing, drawing, text and embroidery. She states:

The wait for a romanticized future where dreams and hopes come true, is an expectation that overwhelms the present. My work explores the theme of time within the context of recent memory, emotions and objects’ connection to human behavior. The starting point to any visual narrative is always a photograph in an attempt to grasp fleeting memories. I observe my thoughts in the moment alongside my surroundings. What is considered present today, tomorrow becomes a memory. The notion of time is explored through layering and added text, investigating different surfaces and mediums, experimental photography, and where all of these exist in time and space.

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