Maria Santi


Today, my artistic work refers to the natural world. In it I question the materiality with which I work, the power of images, the use of the senses. I work creating a structure that interweaves the strength of the material with the visible, my personal experiences and the experiences of those whom my work challenges.

In this process I show an underlying premise: the matter is alive, that is why I consider it an active component of the pictorial practice, which is especially noticeable in its manifest expansion during contemporaneity.

I am interested in the fusion between different representations of nature; also in exploring an instictive “sixth sense”, which I think is a quality of the natural world, which makes purity and beauty its primordial elements and which I feel closely linked with the intuitive process present in my painting.

Since landscape has been modified by degrading actions, for which man is responsible and whose consequences are largely irreversible, I believe that my art practice has the capacity to repair and take care of this world. Landscape has always been one of the most prominent genres, today it has become something more than the perception of the place around us. In the contemporary scene, it is the undisputed protagonist whenever it tells us that life on a horizon without seas and skies, in a world without life or colour, is meaningless.

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