Maud Vareillaud-Bouzzine


My work is based primarily on social issues, I observe and try to highlight and bring a positive outlook to the vagaries of this world. Far from being vindictive or pessimistic, I search for contextual committed and poetic expresssion.

Through a cultural re-appropriation process, I seize codes, formal and / or material quotes and displace them. I often like to create pieces of opposing elements and find strong visual systems, assemblies, creating an aestethic impact. It is the interaction between the technique employed and the meaning induced that makes sense.

Each project is the result of this match applied to a theme. I re-examine the events, behaviors, situations, seeking to reveal the personal way by which I moderate my affliction.

I develop a part of this process by the city planning vector: I question its social impact, or the viability of modernist utopias, particularly about the collective housing buildings to house the working classes. By travelling, I endeavour to exalt the essence of each society, through the relationship to its urban frame.

I am also more and more involved in the issue migration flows and of course recently those inherent in European current events.

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