Sun Jaegal

South Korea

My work deals with fleeting emotions of everyday by physicalising them into text and distorted images.

Our daily lives are filled with a series of events and transient emotions. Some make us boil and tear up irrationally. Although they seem perpetual at the moment, they also are almost absurdly easy to fade away. The frustration facing ever-changing moments baffles us and contributes to our anxious mind. We delve for consolation, a certain comfort to ease the distress. The endless hope of capturing the ungraspable and the act of searching for comfort feeds into my working process; capturing, distorting and reconstructing everyday text materials. I write/type/draw them down in an effort to make that evanescent moments concrete and clear. Involving rather repetitive and laborious processes, I consider my work as a meditation seeking solace. It is a similar endeavour of reciting mantra, drawing mandala or transcribing the Bible over and over again.

It was only logical for me to use the language as a primary element since text preserves evanescent vocals and holds down abstract moments on the surface of papers. In addition, coming from the background of graphic design and as a devoted reader of poetries, I’ve always been fascinated by text both for their meanings and forms. With the strong influence of experimental writing such as concrete poetry, cut-up technique and conceptual art, my interaction with text is based on nonlinearity developing into the physical and spatial deployment of text.

The practice of reconstructing text with everyday epiphany is not only chasing the ghostly dream of everlasting moments but also trying to let them go eventually. This ritualic process of seeking Zen creates narrative space with physicalised text – the temporary exhibition space highlighting frustrating and destructive however beautifully ritualic Sisyphean dilemma.

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