Gabrielle Kruger

South Africa

My practice investigates the materiality of paint, while being inspired by the natural environment. In part, my work interrogates traditional Western landscape painting in light of the contemporary understanding that ‘nature’ has been rearticulated, even plasticised and hence rendered malleable, through human action. The idea of a plasticised natural environment is associated with the age of the Anthropocene. My work explores the idea of a socially and materially constructed landscape; utilising the medium of acrylic paint I reimagine the landscape with a material that embodies plastic, both in its polymer molecular make-up and its malleability. In my practice, I use dried acrylic paint as a collaging medium and wet paint as a glue and that enables me to challenge the accepted perceptions of both ‘nature’ and painting.

Through experimentation and play, the landscape becomes unearthed and degrounded, and sometimes the work is an abstraction of what is; an investigation into the materiality of acrylic paint as a plastic (much like the very real, very contemporary landscape of the Anthropocene). Working in painting, the physical works sometimes extend the ordinary canvas; I play with installation, sculpture and performance, but in essence it remains a painting.

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