Dane Palmieri

United States

My practice is centered on the emotional mining of sentiment and memory, sifting through the strata of lived life and carefully interpreting and preserving the newly constructed realities that surface. The sculptures, installations, and assemblages brought forth from this exploration depict visually the tensions that can form while transposing memories and emotions into imagery.

I utilize the vestiges of the past as an emotional trigger in order to regenerate these once symbols of being into a state of re-existence. The reduction of these experiences down to their most tangible form opens up an emotionally salient pathway into further understanding what consequence they may hold. Materiality plays a significant role in my ability to evoke such visceral reactions, and a diverse selection of mediums ranging from the found, artistic, heirloom, and decorative, to the commercially available, assists me in their elucidation.

Melding these elements with techniques first acquired during my youth, such as woodworking, photography, textile practices, and casting processes yields compositions that act as autobiographical palimpsests. The mnemonic qualities that imbue the work assume the role of binder between both the physical and the emotional planes, serving to define each piece and secure their existence.

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