Only In Stillness

Dane Palmieri is an American-born visual artist living and working between Argentina and the United States. His practice is centered around the emotional mining of sentiment and memory. By sifting through the layers of lived life he carefully interprets and brings to surface newly created physical realities, taking shape in the form of sculptures, installations, and assemblages.

The virtual space created for Open Studios titled "Only In Stillness” offers a glimpse into an organizational methodology developed during his residency at GlogauAIR. Based loosely on the work of the early 20th-century art historian and cultural theorist Aby Warburg, it employs various organizational techniques developed and utilized by Warburg to dissect, categorize, emotionally interpret, and link together parts of the artist's archive of personal material. These elements encompass a diverse range, spanning from sculptures to photographs, industrial items to natural objects, as well as written materials, narratives, and sensory experiences. The objective is to formulate a process that weaves together these seemingly disparate pieces of information, laying the groundwork for future sculptural works.

The space's methodology comprises five distinct categories: Affect, Sense, Narrative, Preservation, and Symbolic. These categories serve to compartmentalize the emotional dimensions of the diverse materials. Together, they form the conceptual framework that will underpin the project's ongoing expansion and evolution as an artistic expression.