Roxanne Nesbitt


Trained as an architect and orchestral musician, Roxanne Nesbitt works to combine several disciplines. Her research and practice explore the connections between sound, sight and motion, employing, spatial and sonic strategies to forge new relationships and reveal existing analogies.

Mutual Instruments Sketch, 2016
Improvised Sketch with Cedar Pitched Sticks Series 4. Movement and Sound by Deanna Peters and Ben Brown. Filmed by Sophia Wolfe at Stretch Yoga studio in Vancouver.

Placing Found Sound, 2013
125 x 50 cm. Installation, piano parts, found materials.

Tuned Tiles with Busker, 2015-ongoing
Tile dimensions 90 x 25 cm. Sound sketch, render, model photo and diagram.

Monday Match, 2016
Excerpts from a Monday Match at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam. Curated by Ben Brown and Angela Muñoz. Featuring several pitched sticks from the Mutual Instrument series.

GlogauAIR Project
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