Annabel Paran


Annabel Paran is a Jerusalem-born interdisciplinary artist and performer.
Paran’s work is a chain of translation across disciplines: she dances as a way to alter her consciousness; she writes to conceptualize what dancing revealed to her; she makes visual art to metabolize insight found in text and movement.
Annabel treats sites of conflict as spaces of hybridity and transformation, and with her art she wishes to make space for contradictions and multiplicities embedded in situations of kinship and intimacy.

Paran’s past work dealt with the politics and poetics of grief. Her most recent body of work is an ongoing research into the embodied experience of crisis, diffused between immersion in digital technologies, the threat of global ecological disaster and systemic violence. Paran is interested in world-building and the creation of immersive environments which speak with audiences’ bodies and call for psycho-somatic participation. She perceives her practice as a healing ritual grounded in negotiations between self and other, repeatedly translating bodies to each other in an attempt to find shared meaning.

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