Guglielmo Castelli


Castelli’s research pivots around the exploration of the uncertain condition affecting human beings.In his works, figures outlined against monochrome backgrounds and fluid, palecolored silhouettes stand out in an unstable balance, adopting possible failure as a starting point, instead of a final one.

For the first time, Castelli will investigate the space surrounding these figures, depicting some environments which are reminiscent of waiting room atmospheres, sometimes in a nighttime context. The representation of space will somehow act as a further character; the hypothetical Sweet Baby Motel.

The final layout will gather different-sized drawings, arranged in an accurate alternance of void and presence, silence and dialogues between figures and places.

As in a motel’s rooms, a far away place, lost in the deserted wilderness, where people quickly and melancholically pass by, their presence almost being almost unnotice

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