Fernanda Soriano


An investigation about the person dissociated of its space. A look from the exterior to the interior.

A person dissociated of its context.

To cover.

To generate meanings around what is being hided.

A suspended moment, a moment being suspended.

A threshold that makes a turning point.

The fabric like the threshold that gives the before and after.

An investigation around the performative and the image.

The utilization of a space to give meanings.

The beginning of a 0 moment, in which the being sees itself disputed between the use of the fabric like an element of suspension.

The reminiscence of a silhouette inserted into a context. A constant split.



The visual study of the fabric.

The intimacy. The try to hide.

Those infinite elements that the fabric gives as a material.

The fabric as a plane or as a volume.

The study of those possibilities.

The fabric as a visual element.

The creases as a companion of the subject.

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