Meet the Artist // Fernanda Soriano

Fernanda Soriano is an artist from Santiago, Chile. She studied Fine Arts and also Aesthetics and Philosophy in the same country. Her work goes from painting, performance, to photography. Currently working also on video and installation for her residency project.

Fernanda Soriano’s work is based on a investigation of the fabric as an element that can relate to the human being. Into her work the covering has a important place, which gives the meanings a walk around to think about the limit and the time. The past and the present.

How the observation of the fabric became an obsession to her. The willing to keep findind unexplored details on a constant referent. A thorough observation of this everyday material, and the way that in the end, everyone can relate to it. To give the fabric the ultimate power to transform her regular places, and bring unexpected new meanings.

By the physical observation of the fabric, Fernanda Soriano can approach the material and transform it into an emotional and poetical form of being. The way the raw fabric look from her eyes, this translated into a photographic eye as a medium of register of what was once there, into this specific context. To translate the texture, the temperature of the place (Her current studio in this case), where this comes to life.

Fernanda’ s work goes through a back and forward place to relive the beauty of this material, the droppings, and it’s image around all art history, religion and politics. Her work proposes a more personal view of the material, and at the same time, a more intimate journey around it.