Showcase // Yev Kazannik

From the 04/07/2023

until the 11/07/2023

Threads of the Unknown: Unravelling Belonging, 2023

Digital prints on Hahnemühle Photo Rag paper

43.5 x 32.5 cm each


Evgeniy’s current artistic series delves into the realm of “visual thinking”. He explores the notion of belonging and the psychological impact experienced by individuals relocating to new countries. Inspired by the profound ideas of renowned theorists of visual thinking, Rudolf Arnheim and Vladimir Zhukovskiy, Kazannik places great significance on visual perception as a means to comprehend our world. He recognizes that the mind actively organizes visual stimuli into meaningful patterns, ultimately shaping our understanding and interpretation of reality. Arnheim’s insights on Gestalt principles, including figure-ground relationship, similarity, proximity, and closure, are integral to Evgeniy’s exploration, enabling viewers to perceive and comprehend the artwork holistically.


In a similar vein, Zhukovskiy’s perspective resonates strongly with Evgeniy’s artistic endeavour, as he emphasizes the distinct language of visual art, warranting a thoughtful and in-depth analysis. Kazannik, drawing upon Zhukovskiy’s ideas, harnesses the expressive power inherent in visual elements such as line, color, form, and composition. These elements become his tools for conveying meaning and evoking emotional responses from the viewers. Zhukovskiy’s emphasis on the potential of visual art to communicate symbolic and allegorical significance further guides Evgeniy’s creative process, allowing his artworks to transcend literal representation and engage the audience’s imagination.


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