Showcase // Fernanda Soriano

From the 08/05/2019

This week in GlogauAir’s showcase we are presenting work ‘Mostrario n.1’  by resident artist Fernanda Soriano.

To use the fabric as a symbolic material that carries an history around it. To show it raw, hanging in dispose of whoever is going to come next. Try to connect with the person that left it there before. Try to relate.

A moment of suspension, a moment of our own. To create a 0 moment.

To think about the fabric as a material of transformation. To define the way in which the fabric transforms into a portal. A reflection about the limit. The interior and the exterior. Past and present.

The moment in between.

To showcase this static moment.


Fernanda Soriano has been researching around different mediums (painting, performance, photography, installation) to try and give this images a meaning. This, by the time and pulse each of this techniques has given to her personal work.
A continous investigation about the power of the fabric and how it can relate with the human being. To translate this meanings into a poetical form through a physical and emotional way of exploring the fabric. To cover.
To understand how the person can disociate from it’s context by the use of this material. The creation of a turning point. A step in time. The intimacy, the try to hide.
The visual study of the fabric.

Fernanda Soriano will be presenting her work at GlogauAIR ´s Open Studios on June 21 and 22, 2019.

contemporary art, artist, berlin, kreuzberg, neukolln, residency program, installation