David Gonçalves


Moving around from side to side. By need and will of trying out, of searching, looking​: To go. ​Settling here, working there, creating​. ​ I´m a nomad who is always taking decisions due to the impossibility of transporting everything​, focusing on the essential for each moment. ​​T​he things are light, movable and with the possibility to transform in​to​ others​, to​ multiply. On blank pages lines are made by the folding of the paper using only the hands and nails. Paper ​folding paper that opens and closes itself, obeying to grids and exploring the division and sub division of different arrangements. Other sheets are teared apart, taking their own way. Front and back. By folding I bring ​forth what​’​s in the back ​ in to the front, questioning about the bi-dimensionality of the material – the paper – and discover what ​it​ has. I have this attention​,​ therefore I communicate it. The back of the sheet is also a page,.​ it also belongs. ​It´s a whole. My thinking is close to the things that deal with space and time, ​and consequently​ its relation to Man. I am a Man, and as a human that travels in different speeds, I am aware of the change of rhythms, cycles, of all the lines of time itself in space. Whil​st​ creating I concentrate on this​;​ I concentrate on me​.​ O​n the lines, the cycles​, ​the rhythms inside and outside of me.

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