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Getsay is a Queer and non-binary Conceptual Artist, Activist, and Curator, navigates the complex realms of body, identity, and reality through diverse mediums such as performance, installation, sculpture, and visual representation. Rooted in personal experiences and rigorous research, their creative process challenges boundaries and expands self-understanding.

With a deep connection to personal experience, cultivated ideas, and research, Getsay’s art explores the intricacies of the human condition. Through a relatable and textual lens, they invite viewers on a thought-provoking journey, propelling into the liminal space at the intersection of perception and reality.

In this uncharted territory, Getsay weaves threads that connect self, society, and constructs shaping our worldviews. Their work encourages a reevaluation of beliefs, transcending cultural boundaries to speak universally. Delving into the nuanced relationship between perception and reality, they prompt introspection and dialogue.

As an artist and activist, Getsay contributes to societal change and amplifies marginalized voices. Their oeuvre challenges conventional norms, sparking conversations about identity fluidity. The multifaceted practice fosters connection, empathy, and an evolved perspective on the interplay between personal experience, perception, and the fabric of reality.


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