Ex Nihilo _update 3.14

Ex Nihilo : a performance by Getsay Live and in person.

Watch the livestream starting at 18:00 CET


"Ex Nihilo: An Ode to Artistic Devotion" marks Getsay's inaugural performance in a new land, symbolizing the profound commitment required to pursue the path of an artist, where body and mind are devoted entirely to the practice.


Getsay is a Queer and non-binary Conceptual Artist, Activist, and Curator, navigates the complex realms of body, identity, and reality through diverse mediums such as performance, installation, sculpture, and visual representation. Rooted in personal experiences and rigorous research, their creative process challenges boundaries and expands self-understanding. As an artist and activist, Getsay contributes to societal change and amplifies marginalized voices. Their oeuvre challenges conventional norms, sparking conversations about identity fluidity. The multifaceted practice fosters connection, empathy, and an evolved perspective on the interplay between personal experience, perception, and the fabric of reality.

Growing up as a queer nonbinary artist from souther Georgia, there weren't many resources for me. As a testament to my younger self and all the queer artists after me, I vowed to share my research and create a more accessible practice. To do this, I present my research, which includes little bits of everything I've learned about art making, performance, and the mind. This is not a publication; This is for the sole purpose of passing knowledge.