Ella Sowinska


My work is concerned with the private and intimate lives of others, and our obsession and fascination with the documentation of them. I am guided by the theoretical discourses of reality television and documentary practices, and often takes these forms as a starting point. I am interested in the impact that the media has on these relationships and how they are portrayed.

Working predominantly in video, installation and occasionally, live performance, my work is critical of the documentation of the intimate lives of others, and of the subsequent voyeurism. Often twisting actions that have been performed in the past, I address the staging and manipulation inherent in the representation of a real subject, and the subsequent loss of control of one’s own likeness when represented on television or in documentary film. I address the impact that the constructed situation has upon these social relationships, and explore the power dynamics between director or artist and actor, participant or contestant by drawing attention to the often-constructed situation.

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