Victor Artiga

El Salvador

My recent body of work explores the omnipresence of the digital screen and its phenomenological effect on the human body. My work often incorporates devices through which we experience images such as, digital screens, projector, in sculptural installations, which merge flatten spaces with three-dimensional space. Having a fluid relation between sculpture, screen and works on paper. I propose, that we currently experiment a degree of affect in the way we interpret the hectic circulation of images and are trying to come to term with its new iterations.

The two dimensional work is created through the use of hand made processes like collage, transfers, silkscreen and drawing. I intend to inspect the connection between the lexicon of image editing software and the human body. Commands like copy, paste, make pixel perfect, render, rasterize etc. heavy influence the way images are distributed and produced. I appropriate these commands and translate them into analog variations, producing two-dimensional work that holds a direct correlation with the digital image in terms of color, composition and perspective. My work is often a process of traversing back and forth the line between the digital and analog.

I propose that questioning the essence of the contemporary image is of crucial moral and sociological significance. More than ever are we flooded with images we consume on a daily basis, and more often without any consent from our side.

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