Miguel Angel Montoya


During the years I have been using different techniques and I have come to learn the importance of the basics for any artwork, drawing and writing are becoming my priority regardless of the techniques used on the final piece. I try not to limit myself by a specific material but rather find the concept and the idea that I want to work with and from there build up using the material that best suit the purpose. Since a couple of years I been influenced also by aesthetics of mysticism, the designs of the Tarot of Marseilles, the designs of oracle cards and the sculptures of Santa Muerte among others, this is a language that I like to embrace and one that I feel comfortable with. Other aesthetic influences are great comic artist like Moebius and Ashley wood. But also the traditional Japanese woodcut illustrations, botanical illustration and contemporary Japanese pop artist and manga artist. When it comes to literature I feel very inspired by cyberpunk and science fiction writers like William Gibson, Isaacs Asimov and Philip K. Dick. But also by the latin American “boom” Novels by writers like Garcia Marquez and Julio Cortazar. My aim is to keep constructing my own aesthetics as I learn form this influences wile enjoying the diversity of different mediums.

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