Maxime Thoreau


The first works of Maxime Thoreau take inspiration into the reality. Everything began by searching pictures on internet to make a kind of database. Then he takes some of these pictures, sketches or technical drawing to reproduce in sculpture a technical object. It means that some objects whose shape are just the result of their function. The interest is to find some object who are not designed by an aesthetic research like domestical object. By using a pre-existing shape Maxime Thoreau try to minimize his impact on his work, like an anonymous sculpture. Because of a very important work on the material, the artist almost became his own craftsman. Recently the origin of his sculptures is quite different. The duo « form/function » still there but the notion of fiction is added. Some old sculpture’s pictures are added into the database and some part of them are used to produce some new artworks. The technical object is not just replicated, sometime it’s kind of a fake, like an imitation.
The artist also take inspiration in the cinema, especially in the science-fiction style. A kind of movie where the object are definitely designed to look like something logical and technical: a functional fiction or a fictional function?

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