Sinéad Aldridge


There is no singular answer as to what painting is today. This spirit medium fluctuates in non-linear time, allowing for multiple and opposing conditions to exist on and outside the canvas surface. I find this deeply fascinating and have been invested in its dialectical process of making for many years. Seemingly cordoned off and self-contained, painting calls upon the viewer, in what Barry Schwabsky describes, to become an ‘interactive co-extender’ of the work. My work draws upon paintings extensive historical pool and conspires to expand, subvert and create new visual interpretations, presenting the viewer with a rich experiential encounter. The performative nature of mark-making, where touch and the handmade link like a shadow become inevitably tied to human presence. I make intimate, richly layered abstract painting interventions. When colour and touch align, the work becomes a poetic dialogue on the nature of identity.

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