Sònia Toneu


Sonia Toneu takes the landscape as a reference and as a definition of our identity as a society and as individuals. The fundamental concepts to initiate the creative process come from the observation of nature, the relationship between people and the environment, the coexistence with artificial elements, the superposition of constructions and the saturation of visual stimuli and objects.

The process to build each work is based on the superposition of layers as an accumulation of information and elements that coexist in the same space at the same time. The artist uses diluted acrylic paint in the first layers of the background and in the following she creates geometric and solid shapes that make up the cartography of the image. The gestural brushstrokes of vibrant colors and the hatched of angular or organic lines with wax bars, graphite or markers are also components of this landscape. As the work progresses she destroys parts of the image with the superposition of new elements making their totality in constant transformation and dialogue to transmit her experiences and emotions as part of the current world.

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