[Virtual] Showcase // Sònia Toneu

From the 20/05/2020

Berlin-Tempelhof. Out-Iso // Photography and digital intervention

In mid-March the exploration of the city ended abruptly and the following days became a mandatory retreat due to Covid19. Bitter emotions were fueled by feelings of retention and the inability to flow in space/time. Thoughts filled with vibrations from the places previously visited: war memorials, cemeteries, crematoriums, abandoned airports, parks, galleries, clubs and museums. In the studio, the photographs from these places, the maps and the ideas about the isolation were the engine to create this series of images in which Tempelhof appears, an airport from which you cannot fly. Images and some digital interventions in space, as an analogy with emotional geography. Like a point of no motion drawn on a plane or an idea trapped in the mind, the feeling of being stuck is still there.

2020_Sònia Toneu- Virtual Showcase_Featured-Image-01