Sònia Toneu is a painter and artistic installer based between Barcelona and Berlin. She graduated in Visual Arts at Escola Massana Art and Design Centre (Barcelona) and the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya to complete her arts degree. She has also spent time studying Art History, Artistic Management, as well as Music. Her works show a particular entropic vision of space interpreting geography and geometry with the aims of expressing the emotions that both sciences trigger, focusing her research on disciplines such as painting, installation and digital creation.

The process to start her paintings is based on tacit and practical knowledge, acquired from direct contact and experience. That is, by physically walking through the territory and integrating maps, sensations and sound captured in this prospection by a sharpened intuition and imagination. Her interest in complexity, chaos, opposed elements and the primeval relation between these elements, the individuals and the cosmos subsidize the aesthetic and conceptual making of the artworks.

Built from the analogies established between her perception on-site, time-specific experiences and the form, she aims to create a personal universe (stage, environment) for analysis, reflection and study of these relations. In her work, the saturation and superposition of elements translate the constant stimuli of an environment with an accumulation of relations, observations and thoughts showing a deep and visceral component of the subject.