Pamela Guest is a multidisciplinary artist, a Princess Grace Film Award recipient and is currently based in Berlin, Germany. In 2018, she received her BFA from the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon with a focus on animation. Since then, she’s worked in news journalism and editorial illustration.

Guest’s longer works are comprised of installation, animated documentary and short form video. Although expanding across mediums, her work is made cohesive through experimentation with color, composition and her constant manifestation of organized chaos. In Guest’s most recent work, she analyzes topics surrounding personal narrative, family archive, and the idea of home as a non sight specific space. Through retracing steps of documented memories, writings and retellings of childhood stories, she finds links and metaphors in animation that relate the sense of repetition, meditation and routine to the idea of finding home within oneself. She currently finds inspiration in unoccupied spaces, funny signage, postcards from friends, objects found on the street and mom’s cooking.

At GlogauAIR, Guest is working on a series of works that both live online and in her studio. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Pamela has been working mainly through digital forms and has been experimenting with sequential art. The pieces that will be shown in the virtual open studios for GlogauAIR will be comprised of digital collage, object making, animation and digital illustration in order to create a working archive of life and home in the present time.