Michaela Kurimsky is an actress, production designer and filmmaker from Canada. Since graduating from the Ryerson University’s Film Studies program in 2014, Michaela continues to work in the film industry in Toronto.

In 2014, she wrote and directed ‘Alouette’, a short psychological drama, which explores the roots of the psyche. It went on to receive the Air Canada En Route People’s Choice award. In 2018, she participated in the TIFF Rising Star’s program and was awarded Best Actress at the Stockholm Film Festival for her lead performance in ‘Firecrackers’ (Dir. Jasmin Mozaffari).

Kurimsky is currently working on a multidisciplinary thesis that maps the relationship identity shares with the senses, memory, objects, environment and others. Through personal and theoretical research, she is building an extensive archive that identifies and categorizes markers of character traits and related sensory atmosphere.

Continuing at GlogauAIR in 2021, Michaela will further explore character development by creating several ‘camera ready’ personalities and monitoring patterns that emerge in relation to Dissociative Identity Disorder. She will archive the process on a digital platform, creating a workflow rubric which may be used as reference for further psychological & performative study.