25hr sailing is a research-based artist duo made up of Bokyung Kim and Cheongjin Keem who work and live between Berlin and Seoul. They sail to the destination in search of coordinates in the vast ocean where no clue is likely to exist. Surveying the surrounding environment and choosing the appropriate materials is like a compass that can facilitate their process of work. 25hr sailing are not afraid of working through painting, photo collage, video, sound, graphic design and installation.

Recently, 25hr sailing got interested in the history of East Asia such as South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan through colonial history. In particular, they focus on architecture and are interested in historical architectures, theatres, and movies. 25hr sailing has been researching the relationship between ‘Oriental Renaissance Architecture-buildings’ in Korea and Taiwan during the period of Japanese colonial rule from the 1900s to the 1940s, and the connection with historic buildings in Europe, especially Berlin. Therefore, they decided that it was not only to connect past and present, but also to create various types and perspectives.

At GlogauAIR, 25hr sailing focused especially on buildings in Berlin such as the Reichstag and Alte Nationalgalerie. Berlin is one of the main cities that inspired early modern Japanese architecture. In this project, 25hr sailing develops patterns and photo collages that display motifs from surfaces of that architecture. The works produced during this residency will be shown at Factory2, Seoul, in November 2020.