Morgen Christie

United States

The history of a place has given me so much in the way of understanding simply aging. In a 15-minute light change duration but also a time, century change duration. The relationship of time to memory is incredibly important to me. I hope to cement the neighborhood to its subconscious through memorials. I reinstate the history of a place with the present by cleansing it with liquid light. I work with projections. I think of these spaces as ephemeral memorials. These projections are so temporary the memory will only be reconciled in the documentation.

I think a lot about blurring the timeline of history. I’ve used ancient traditions of death masks and reliquaries combined with video and LEDs to develop the age of memory. Recently, I have been using my own ancestry to evolve my practice holistically: by returning the maker to what is being made. I am self-described time artist and I make work in relationship to location and life span. 

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