Ella Sinskey

United States

Ella Sinskey (b. 1998, San Francisco California) really likes a lot of things. Enjoyment is her sole purpose, and to force everyone to enjoy. 

To “like a lot of things” may translate to: multidisciplinary artist. Every facet of exploration employs a different medium and scientific method. She hypothesizes, denies, re-evaluates and simplifies all experiments conducted. The message carried through whatever medium may be suitable. One could say she likes working with her hands. Is this all she has ever known? She wonders as she writes this, what are you knowing all of ever? 

Currently (and then as you are reading this she has flown to Berlin, and subsequently left and maybe gone back to the cafe), she works as a cafe server in Brooklyn, New York. She sheds a tear when she finds overwhelming solace in the goodness of people, places and things. This is what she would like to bring to you. On a platter, or stapled to the wall.

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