Jiawei Fu


The foundation of community lies in communication, yet we often overlook the shared language that connects diverse individuals. As humans, we inherently experience similar emotions towards ordinary aspects of life, but we often disregard them in our pursuit of uniqueness. My work represents a perspective from invisible introspection, creating a space for the viewer to reflect on their own, and addressing the mutual language that will be shared together for cherishing the unique sameness. It starts as the reflection of the surroundings and ends as the reflection of oneself. 

Each work there is a real-life story behind. They come from people in my life, across my life, or outside of my life. As an artist/interior designer, storytelling is always the most important part of my creative process because I believe that’s what holds people together. 

Please put down your guard, get involved in each painting, let go with your questions, and use the work connect with your inner. Enjoy.

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