Heart is hole, 2023/ Acrylic, Eggyolk & Plaster on Canvas, 8'' x 16'' (20.32cm x 40.64cm)


Heart is hole:

Gaze amidst negative and positive's embrace
Where cold and warm converge in reaction's trace
In the realm of the unknown

Praying with the snow,  2023/ Acrylic, Eggyolk & Plaster on Canvas, 8'' x 16'' (20.32cm x 40.64cm)


Praying with the snow:

As snow descends, what plea does it voice
A prayer to melt, dissolve, and rejoice
To merge with the river, in a tranquil choice

When it rains, it pours,  2023/ Acrylic, Eggyolk & Plaster on Canvas, 8'' x 16'' (20.32cm x 40.64cm)


When it rains, it pours:

In a space burdened with weight
Where gravity asserts its sway
I thirst for the rain and pain

Jiawei Fu (b.1998) is an interior designer and painter, born and raised in Guangzhou, China and now living in Los Angeles, USA. She received her BFA in interior design from Pratt Institute, NY. 

Jiawei Fu’'s artistic journey is rooted in a profound connection to storytelling, a thread woven into the fabric of her earliest memories. The omnipresence of "communication" in her life stems from her family's teachings, emphasizing that the essence of community lies not solely in spoken words but extends to various modes of expression.

Within Fu’s creative practice, she portrays the subtleties of mundanity and emptiness through a lens of surrealized reality. Employing the quiet intimacy of a diary, her work serves as a conduit to awaken the subconscious and foster new dialogues among individuals. A deliberate and nuanced palette reveals the harsh truths of contemporary existence, laying bare the sugar-coated veneer of modern ignorance and the unyielding nature inherent in all beings. Yet, amidst this collision, there emerges a gesture of that which unites us in the simple act of being alive.

Fu’s work draws from her determined introspection, providing viewers with a contemplative space to reflect on their own experiences. It beckons them to delve into a shared, mutual language. Behind each piece lies a tangible real-life story, drawn from people both within and beyond her immediate circle.