Outer_Space+ (2023), animated GIF, digital art.
Bridging Pavements (2023), digital art, 320x 460 mm.
Gateway II (2023), digital art, 420 x 297 mm.

The continuous rebirth of Ioanna's imagined installations is enabled by the coexistence of mixed-media in her work, creating an ecosystem of endless possibilities.

Test VII (2023), virtual environment, digital art.
Test V (2023), virtual environment, digital art.
Test VI (2023), virtual environment, digital art.

The structures are depicted in nature, where raw wood elements blend with architectural timber in a state of reformation and deformation.

Timber Follies II (2023), pencil on paper, 841 x 594 mm.

Ioanna's artworks propose an alternative conception of architectural primary structures, represented by glitches between the physical and the virtual. These refer to the transition between alternate architectural realms controlled by interpretation.

In the woods (2023), digital art, 318 x 418 mm.