elena pachner sarno


She who lives by the sword (4K, 13', 2023) Teaser

elena pachner sarno
works with filmmaking
and performance, cameras
and bodies, lights and
sounds. Steeped in play
and eclectic research,
her works are anarchic
dada films and
She throws political
challenges in the form
of playful radical imaginations.
These hybrid inventions
are fed by a lively attention
to who and what is out there
and a desire to make
extroverted art.

The Catalinas Project - inspired by Catalina de Erauso - a Basque woman/man who lived 500 years ago, is a collection of 5 short films expressing a sharp critique of binary gender norms and of colonial violence. These anti-realist films are populated and animated by a multitude of colourful critters.