DIGITAL is a continued series on the exploration of sound to visual. A study on synesthetic processes – sound enters as energy and exits onto the page – she is the conduit to place it. The process includes minimalist, black and white digital drawings, digitally projected into spaces which engulf the viewer in an immersive experience. The intent is to create a series that reflects sound to visual in a minimalist, experimental format, and to invite the viewer into an immersive experience to interact, absorb, and be absorbed by the pieces. The intent is to communicate the unseen energy of sound to visual, to invite the viewer into the energy of the pieces – into a portal of the unknown.

Anja Musura is a Toronto-based, multi-media artist making experimental, conceptual, minimal art about light, energy and sound. A graduate of OCAD University, her current project focuses on the unseen within the seen – the energy that objects, light, and sound retain and transmit. Her body of work offers themes of escapism and flux, an invitation to the viewer into the dreamscape, to escape in and outside of themselves. Her current work is explored via photography, 3D objects and materials, painting, and digital media. She uses a minimal color palette with a focus on space, shape, and texture.

2023_Anjua musura_virtual_anjamusura1