Meet the On-line Artist // Jiawei Fu

Introducing online resident Jiawei Fu (@jiawei.fu.thingy). Her practice in art and design delves into the intricate web of human connections. Exploring the hidden language of shared emotions and unique experiences, Fu’s works create a reflective space for viewers to introspect and embrace mutual understanding. Each piece narrates real-life stories, weaving a tapestry of togetherness through the art of storytelling.

During her on-line residency with GlogauAIR, she is working on the project “My yellow is your blue”: this project seeks to navigate the complexities of intimacy within relationships, influenced by surroundings and personal dispositions, fostering a deeper understanding through the exchange of emotional hues between “yellow” and “blue.” Drawing from personal experiences, Fu endeavors to offer fresh perspectives, nurturing a sense of closeness and connection.