Showcase // Nina Crisswell

From the 20/02/2024

until the 27/02/2024

Nina Criswell is a Lithuanian-American oil painter from California currently based in Berlin. In her practice, she examines self-censorship of the body and the mechanisms that suppress pleasure and desire in the public space.
In Make-Believe Dissection, she has been experimenting with generative AI tools to reimagine medical imagery. She holds a longstanding fascination with bodily organs, concealed and inaccessible without intrusion or violence. The imagery plastered on the walls was generated by training an AI model to take and reproduce photos of internal organs. The question of privacy arises; what happens when we expose the intimacies of the body in public, and to what extent do these conflicts consume us? These surreal interpretations serve as an invitation for viewers to contemplate the mysteries of our corporeal mechanisms and their fragile impermanence.