Showcase // Mariona Berenguer

From the 14/01/2021

until the 20/01/2021

Ode // Bull horns, magnets and acupuncture needles, installation, 26 x 95 x 23cm (2021)

Acupuncture is used to stimulate different anatomical points linked to the internal organs and their functioning. On the other hand, each organ is related to different emotional aspects. The liver meridian describes the path and the 14 points where the needles are placed to improve the functioning of this organ.

The liver is linked to:

  • Quality of decision making.
  • Associated with the spring, beginning of life or projects. 
  • Associated with the emotions of anger, frustration and stress. 
  • Influences the tendons and the mobility of the body. 
  • Directly related to the eyes and vision. 
  • Influences creativity, intuition and the subconscious.

This is part of Berenguer’s project “The Empty Nest” presented at GlogauAIR, which is part of an ongoing investigation into the subject of desire. Following this continuing line of development, the final exhibition of the project is comprised of a series of works that explore the notions of need and longing, and the complex emotional, philosophical, and conceptual positions surrounding these topics. In many ways, these artworks consider this theme from various perspectives, from the quietly personal to the ostensibly physically detached, allowing for an examination that encompasses or takes into account both our inner and outer environments. Buying flowers in the Berlin underground to bring “life” inside your home, simulating natural sunlight, or observing flocks of animals in the countryside through the use of a drone are some of the various actions that activate and inform the works included.

You’ll be able to see more of Berenguer’s work during our upcoming Open Studios in March!


2021_Showcase_Mariona Berenguer_front view from the distance