[Virtual] Showcase // 25hr Sailing

From the 28/05/2020

Double Cross Stitch Practice: Alte Nationalgalerie, Berlin #01 – Virtual Version // Digital image, 2400 x 1103 px / 300dpi / RGB

At GlogauAIR, 25hr sailing focused on historical architectures in Berlin, one of the main cities that inspired early modern Japanese architecture. Japanese imperialism, which has historically adopted Western architectural styles, once again transplanted forms in colonial Korea and embarked on a project that took into account the errors and gaps that occurred.

“Double Cross Stitch Practice” is a research-based work and 25hr sailing use digital-based techniques like photo collage with motives from Alte Nationalgalerie, Berlin. 25hr sailing develops iconic symbols with double cross stitch patterns and graphic design.

2020_25hr Sailing_Showcase_Cuarta_00000