Meet the on-line Artist // Morgen Christie

Hailing from the United States Morgen Christie (@morgenchristie) says “The history of a place has given me so much in the way of understanding simply ageing. In a 15-minute light change duration but also a time, century change duration. The relationship of time to memory is incredibly important to me. I hope to cement the neighbourhood to its subconscious through memorials. I reinstate the history of a place with the present by cleansing it with liquid light. I work with projections. I think of these spaces as ephemeral memorials. These projections are so temporary the memory will only be reconciled in the documentation”

During her online residency, Christie is proposing a project on Hannah Freeman or “Indian Hannah.” Hannah Freeman was the last Lenni Lenape or Delaware tribe healer in the Chester County, PA, USA area. William Penn, Pennsylvania’s founder, made a deal with her tribe. It stated the land would belong to the Lenape as long as one of their people remained. Christie aims to use the language she created to make an installation. All of the structures will be spray painted white and installed on Lenape land during snowfall. The sound will fill the space. Video and photo documentation will be used to share the project online. The title for the piece is “Whitewashed Tomb”.