Imaginary Echoes



Exhibition by Younes Mohammadi

Opening: Thursday – 11.04.2024 // 6 – 10 PM

Friday to Sunday: 1 – 6 PM

Closing: Monday – 15.04.2024 // 6 – 10 PM


Younes’ third solo exhibition, “Imaginary Echoes” presents for the first time a selection of his analog works together with current digital creations. The title “Imaginary Echoes” suggests a conversation between the past and the present, where digital creations serve as a mirror to their analog origins.

It creates an echo between traditional art and works generated by artificial intelligence. The exhibition showcases a selection of Younes’ paintings along with their digital iterations in the form of videos and prints. “Imaginary Echoes” considers the importance of maintaining a connection to tradition in a predominantly digital world.

Younes’ work invites viewers to experience this unique interplay and offers the opportunity to witness the continuity between traditional art forms and their contemporary digital transformations. The exhibition creates an experience that connects eras and demonstrates how the essence of art remains constant, even as its forms of expression evolve.


Younes Mohammadi, born in 1998 in Berlin, has always had a deep passion for both traditional and digital art forms. From a young age, he found himself drawn to visual expression, exploring drawing, painting and later computer graphics and generative AI tools. Younes has had the privilege of showcasing his work in various exhibitions, including renowned venues like the Kühlhaus Berlin, Bonnefantenmuseum in Maastricht, and Reinbeckhallen in Berlin while also gaining experience Design, and Technology. Previously, he has been working with Journee, a company specialized in the creation of virtual worlds for esteemed clients. 



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